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Jun 15, 2018

Revolve BLE Draw

Here is an interesting question.  We know that the Revolve when turned off with the top button, does not really turn off but goes into BLE mode.  BLE means bluetooth LOW energy, not NO energy.  To turn it off completely you hold down the multi-function button until the lights blink.

I am assuming that total off consumes/uses NO power and that BLE mode uses some power.



1. Is my initial assumption correct? - if I am at 100% and turn it totally off, that it should remain at 100% unless the battery itself degrades over time.  What should we expect to happen to the percentage over time for a totally off Revolve?


2. If BLE uses SOME power, how much does it use and does power usage depend on anything such as proximity to one or more paired devices?  So if we start with a 100% charged Revolve turned off the regular way going into BLE mode, then how should we expect the percentage to go down until the next time it is turned on?


I asked the above to Bose phone tech support.

Question 1 - They said multifunction off means no power used.  The percentage should remain at 100%.


Question 2 - This is an interesting one.  According to Bose, the battery capacity is 1600 mAh and BLE will draw about 0.3 watts if there is a paired device within range that is turned on (like a phone).


The BLE draw will continue as a long as one or more paired devices are within range and are on.  The only way to stop the Revolve from using power in BLE mode (assuming it is not turned off with the multifunction button) is to place all paired devices out of range, turn off all paired devices, or unpair all devices from the Revolve.


As my background is not physics or electrical engineering, I am not sure as we would say in user speak, how the percentage of battery remaining decreases over time if you start with a fully charged battery.

So what I am wondering here is if a fully charged Revolve is turned off and not used for a period of time, does the fact that it reports a low percentage when turned back on occur because of the power consumption in BLE mode or is there another issue involving the charging or firmware or hardware.

What the above discussion does NOT address are the issues reported (and that I have seen myself) involving the unit refusing to charge (i.e., the percentage does not go up).  For that, I still wonder does it make a difference if you try to charge it in ON mode, in BLE mode, or totally OFF and why putting it back to initial mode seems to make a diffence (could the lack of paired devices in BLE mode have something to do with it)?