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Registered since

Jun 30, 2018

Soundtouch 300 continually stops streaming

Device Details:

Soundtouch 300 + Acoustimas 300


Firmware Version - 26.0.1

App Version - 26.0.5


I use a combination of AirPlay and Bluetooth to stream music from an iPhone and the builtin capability to play streaming radio stations over the internet connection and am continually having streaming issues where the speaker just stops playing the content and the AirPlay light turns orange.


Sometimes it comes good by itself after a few moments othertimes I need to power off / on again before I can get it to start working again.


The SoundTouch App says there are no updates available for the Speaker and WiFi + Internet have never been an issue.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.





Re: Soundtouch 300 continually stops streaming

Hi TonyVE,


Thanks for reaching out to the community, I am very sorry to hear that you're facing some issues with streaming Airplay and Bluetooth.


Do you get any issues when streaming music via the SoundTouch app?

Does this also happen if you use an alternate connected device via Airplay/Bluetooth? This way we can see if this is isolated to your primary device.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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