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New Community Features!

Lead Community Manager
Lead Community Manager

Hey everyone!


Today we've implemented some changes to the Bose Community, focused around new topic creation and replies.


Descriptions for boards

When you hit the new topic button2.png button and choose a board to post to, you'll now see a description of the board you've chosen.


board description2.png

This should help ensure that the board you selected is the right one for your topic, so make sure to read it carefully!


Prepopulated Body text 

Another change we made is that when you go to create a new topic, there will be text already entered into the body.


persistent body.png

Some of this text is a reminder on Community best practices before you create a new topic, but we've also included a template for you to fill out if you're reporting an issue. This helps to make sure that the community members and our moderators have all the necessary info they might need to understand and help troubleshoot your issue. If the issue turns out to be one where we need our engineers to investigate, we'll have all the necessary details ready for them.


And, if the prepopulated text isn't applicable to your post, you can always delete it and post what you want! 


We've also included this functionality for replies as well, though just for the reminder at this time.


I hope you'll enjoy these changes and would love to have your feedback on them! Please comment below and let us know what you think of the changes. We'll continue to iterate and improve on the prepopulated body text based on the posts we see and the feedback you provide. 


And as a reminder, if you're member whose rank is Collaborator or above, you can access our Forum Feedback board under Getting Started to provide any thoughts you have on how we can improve the Bose Community.