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Bose Music App Update – February 23rd, 2021

Community Manager
Community Manager

Bose Music App.png

Starting on February 23rd, 2021, a new update for the Bose Music App will be available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to customers who have auto-updates enabled.


In typical fashion, this will be a staged release being deployed to existing users through Friday, February 26th. iOS customers who wish to have the update immediately can go to the App Store and download manually. Android users may have to wait until their device becomes part of the rollout. Android customers downloading for the first time will get the new app. 


Version Information:

  • iOS: 4.3.3
  • Android:  4.3.4


Release Notes

  • When using SimpleSync to group headphones with a Soundbar or speaker, you can now control the volume of the headphone/Frames independently in the SimpleSync group within the app. Please note that the Bose Sport, QuietComfort Earbuds, and Sport Open Earbuds are not supported for SimpleSync.
  • Fixed “My Bose” account login issue when using Facebook credentials.


Bose Sport Earbuds, Bose Sport Open Earbuds, and QuietComfort Earbuds

  • Improved Bluetooth Connection Management for Single Point Products.
    • Improvements to the Bluetooth Source menu for the Bose Sport, QuietComfort, and Sport Open Earbuds will be improved to streamline the source switching experience. Users will now be able to switch (and not just view) their Bluetooth connections within the mobile app.


Bose Sport Open earbuds

  • This app release adds volume control directly on the earbuds. This can be toggled within the settings menu. Volume controls on the earbuds use the accelerometer, so they require a “tap” gesture as opposed to a “slide” gesture. Please see our Using the earbud controls article for more information.
    • This feature requires firmware version 1.1.2 (released on Feb 4th, 2021). Firmware can be updated in the Bose Music app or on
    • Once this feature is enabled in the app, it remains functional unless you manually disable it.


Smart Soundbars

  • Some iOS users can experience a blank settings screen within the Bose Music App. This should now be resolved, with full access to settings once again.


Compatible OS versions  

We have removed support for Android 5 and iOS versions 10 and 11. Please see additional details here.

  • Android: 6.0 and up
  • iOS: 12 and up