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Bose Music App Update – April 27th 2021

Lead Community Manager
Lead Community Manager

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May 7th update 

A new version of the app, 4.4.6, is being rolled out to Android users over the next couple days. This update is to fix an issue were the app could unexpectedly close. There is no further update to the previous release notes.  


Original Post

On April 27th 2021, a new Bose Music App update will be available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to customers who have auto-updates enabled. The update will roll out in phases and you may not receive the update until Sunday, May 2nd depending on your platform and region.


Android users will have to wait until their device becomes part of the roll out. You may need to restart your device to update an app. If you have any difficulty, see here.


iOS customers that wish to have the update immediately can go to the app stores and download manually. If you have any difficulty, see here. Customers downloading for the first time will get the new app.


Version Information:

  • iOS: 4.4.3
  • Android:  4.4.4


Release Notes

  • Get going faster – Now when you set up your Bose headphones and earbuds, you can skip creating an account and get right to enjoying your product. Create an account later in the Settings menu.
  • We made the app experience for soundbars and speakers even better, with faster and easier access to your product controls, favorites, and music services.
  • EQ control has a new look for your NC 700 Headphones. Enjoy a new graphical interface plus EQ presets.
  • A few tweaks and fine-tuning to make the app more stable and less buggy.


Android Only (already available on iOS):

  • Deepen your connection to the world around you with Spotify for our Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones. Easily get the audio you want—and need—in an instant with a tap and hold on the right earcup. The Spotify Shortcut for Headphones 700 will be made available for Android users.


Compatible OS versions  

We have removed support for Android 6: See additional details here.


  • Android: 7.0 and up 
  • iOS: 12 and up 


To discuss this update, go here.