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Lead Community Manager


Dylan crop.png

Username: Dylan_R

Role: Global Product and Technical Escalations Support

How long have you been with Bose?: Since Oct 2017

Favorite part of working at Bose: Utilizing my music tech experience and know-how to assist customers with setting up pro audio equipment for home recording and use in live environments

Favorite Bose product: SoundLink Mini II – incredible for its size! New L1 Pro systems don’t look too shabby either…


Favorite music genres: Loads! 60’s pop, psychedelic, experimental electronic, alternative rock, plunderphonics…

Favorite artist or band: The Flaming Lips

Favorite movie: Synecdoche, New York

Favorite TV show: Twin Peaks

Favorite book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Favorite food: Licorice Allsorts

Favorite place to vacation: Greek islands

Hobbies: Writing and recording my own music, playing drums in a live band, searching for new stuff to listen to, finding weird movies, following the football (or “soccer”)

Dream job as a child: Anything in music!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?: Controlling time

Do you have any pets?: Yep - Willow the cat & Yoshi the tortoise

Feel more. Do more. Be more.
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