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Lead Community Manager



Username: David_G

Role: Global Product and Technical Escalations Support

How long have you been with Bose?: Since May 2018

Favorite part of working at Bose:  After studying Music Performance at University I can now regularly share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues and customers.

Favorite Bose product: Either the S1 Pro for its convenience or the F1 812 Flexible Array with F1 Subwoofer for its power.


Favorite music genres: Progressive Rock, Indie, Jazz.. occasional Bhangra

Favorite artist or band: Coheed and Cambria

Favorite movie: Accepted (2006)

Favorite TV show: QI

Favorite book: You Are Now Less Dumb – David McRaney

Favorite food: Enchiladas

Favorite place to vacation: Coldwater Ontario (Canada)

Hobbies: Playing Drums, Playing Video Games, Writing…. Does watching funny videos on YouTube count as a hobby?

Dream job as a child: Intergalactic Rockstar

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?: I would love to be able to instantly learn a skill. Like, as I am watching someone else do something, I can download the ability into my mind and then I can do it. (Assuming others also have superpowers in this scenario, I would be able to use mine to clone theirs :P)

Do you have any pets?: Yes! I have a Pomeranian/Husky (Pomsky) called Copper-Roo. He is yawning in the Profile photo that I took when he was a puppy 😊


Feel more. Do more. Be more.
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